Build me a burn out corvette

At Corvette Specialties Auto Group, we get a lot of customers with a lot of different ideas of what kind of corvette or performance car that they want. Lots of them want restored to perfection cars and some just want paint and interior. The odd time though, we get requests that some would consider off the wall. This is one of those special requests. A customer came to me and asked if we could build him a high performance Corvette, that would be able to do a spectacular burnout from one light to another and could I film it before he takes possession. My answer to him was "Of Course We Can", and we proceeded to build him a retro rod corvette with a high performance 350 cu. in. corvette engine. This You Tube Video is of the burn out that we achieved and filmed for our Special Customer, Wayne Cousins from Whitehorse in the Yukon, and "With his consent.! "

Speed Vision Videos

Special #2: Oil, Lube & Filter Change with 150 Point "Doctor's File" Inspection for only $34.99! (Surcharge applies for Synthetic Oil & specific filters when applicable, call for more info.) plus applicable taxes, eco fees.

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